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Berlaine produces knitting fabric in France, in order to entrance your creativity.

BERLAINE produces knittwear in France to boost your creativity.

Berlaine - Vertically integrated process: yan sourcing / knitting / dyeing / finishing

Fully controlled vertical process : yarn sourcing , circular knitting , yarn and piece dyeing ,finishing

Berlaine - new yarn dyeing line

Yarn deying dpt

Berlaine - Jersey mill

Circular knitting dpt

Berlaine - Piece dyeing line

Piece dyeing dpt

Berlaine - Overflow piece dyeing technology

Overflow piece deying machine

Berlaine - Laboratory dyeing and colorimetry line

Laboratory and colour- matching

Berlaine - Hight definitiondigital printing line

High definition Ink jet printing dpt

Berlaine - Endless possibilities of printing on our knits and above all, high flexibility

Wide and flexible design offer

Berlaine - Whole finishing line

Finishing dpt

Berlaine - The respect of the environment is at the heart of Berlaine's ethicsne

Environmental protection is BERLAINE’s ethics

 Berlaine - An efficient treatment plan for better ecological respectde l'environnement

High performance water treatment plant

Berlaine - Certification

Berlaine - Certification